Bug fixes

just some bug fixes in this update
- fixed error preventing game from starting
- burning roots while climbing on them no longer crashes!


Eatvolve_0_7_7_demo.exe 9 MB
Version 00.07.07 May 29, 2018
Eatvolve_0_7_7.exe 9 MB
Version 00.07.07 May 29, 2018

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It looks like there's no egg menu in the Windows version where as my buddy with the mac version has it. is this intended?

I’m working on a new place for the evolve & egg menus, so the Mac version is older sorry! 

I made this account just now to tell you how much this game is awesome! It has potential, and hope to see more stuff get included in this game!

hey thank you so much!

I want to add more to it also ☺️

Please tell people about it! 🤓

No problem! Cool, can't wait to see more. Oh and of course, I'll definitely share this! ☺

Fantastic game!

I <3 how the mechanics evolve as you eat your enemies!

thanks so much :D