Fruit & Vegetables Update !

- Boss creature ! ( battle yet to come sorry)
- Many new creatures and plants to eat
- New environmental hazards to discover and avoid
- Eating of most creatures is now a choice with a contextual button
- Choose which body type to replace / or leave as automatic
- Widescreen view now default on PC
- Worms can now dig
- Crab ability changed to flames
- egg & evolutions menus are disabled for re-working
- Jump heights are updated & extra wing jumps restricted to one only
- performance improvements
- greater variety of gamepads supported
- new mac build will be coming with the next update


Eatvolve_0_7_2_demo.exe 9 MB
Version 00.07.02 May 08, 2018
Eatvolve_0_7_1.exe 9 MB
Version 00.07.01 May 08, 2018

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if i already have eatvolve is this 3$ verson the only 100% updarted version??


the demo is also updated! please check that out ;)