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I have uploaded a new  - in development build of Eatvolve  priced at $15
I appreciate your support! this helps me to work on improving Eatvolve.
WARNING -  There are many bugs in this version!

Files 52 MB
Version 00.07.79 Feb 26, 2020 52 MB
Version 00.07.77 Feb 14, 2020

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Hi, I leave a suggestion here. I dreamed of this game, and in my dream instead of going up I also had the option to go down and sometimes you would arrive in places where there were mutant creatures like a dark octopus, there was an animal that only had eyes, and there was a part that had aliens . You don't run away from the proposal but it was very interesting the little animal acquiring these extra abilities.

i have dreamed of some of the same things!
i wish i was able to make the game faster