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Eatvolve is built with Gamemaker
work in progress!
many things to fix before completion
comments welcome :D

- breeding now unlocks options to choose your starting creature
- creatures are more adventurous

- babies are based on your phenotype at conception
- snail shells now provide protection from other creatures

- babies hatch from eggs

- added snails ( though only able to get a shell as a worm )
- added eggs ( though nothing is hatching from them yet )

- yet another tweak to progression, eat anything to evolve / change
- added worms to eat
- some bug fixes

- many new body forms
- new progression system
- new levels added

- New music by coda
- Evolution sequence changed up, eat 1, then 2, then 3 to evolve
- New Evolution states added

- Additional maps added & existing maps tweaked
- Additional Evolutionary paths enabled
- Map borders cleaned up

- Score reflects actual distance travelled
- Birds restored
- Additional maps added & existing maps tweaked
- Frogs more interactive

-Roughly halved active memory, less objects, more tiles

More information

Published140 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, commodore-64, Endless, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Roguelike, roguelite
Average durationA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
Player countSingleplayer


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You and I both know that I've been playing this game since the beginning and I'm sorry to say this, but there's something I've been hiding from you. There's actually a glitch I noticed since the beginning and that I haven't told you about because of how useful it is. When you're in the middle of a platform you can jump through, you can jump again, which can be extremely useful if you can't get to the platform. I was hiding this information from you fearing that you would fix it, making the game harder for me, but I think it's about time you knew.

BTW, the updates are great, but what do the babies do, exactly?

yeah I know of this bug.. but its kinda good right?
especially as your jump height changes as you play.. i'm not keen to fix it

I have it that if you get to a few pixels below the platform height you can still land,
and i might just make that distance a little larger, what do you think?

The babies unlock options in the egg menu, which allow you to change your starting body type
not sure about this, but i wanted it to do something !

I just wish he somehow put this on mobile

thats my plan :D
still a lot of work to do ;)

Love the update, as always. Buuuut... https://gyazo.com/2ed4d2e76e898079bb00203a1af86481 I got kinda stuck. And my reaction was basically the same as the animal's I was at the time. Still, good job and keep up the awesome work.

ah doh! sorry
i am meeting with a gamemaker programmer soon to hopefully get all my collision issues resolved!
this build is maybe a little more broken than previous ones!
thanks for checking it out ;)

Oh yeah, and also there are times when I-m some kind of animal fusion but whenever I move, the sprite changes to a completely different animal.

My apologies! i haven't animated the run & jump frames for all of the creatures as yet,
but wanted to get the idles in there for a conference this week, next update will have all of these finished!


Ok. Still awesome game, bro.

(Edited 1 time)

met you at the recent igdam! this game is really polished. finally got to the flying raccoon stage when (spoilers) I got swooped by those purple birds. was a little disheartened that all it took was one swoop to finish me off. cute looking graphics but deceptively brutal! love your pixel art. there's a lot of small flourishes here and there like the minor screenshakes when landing and the jumping visual effect changing directions depending on your direction. really love the attention to small details you put into the game. great stuff, hope to see more of it!

Hey David
thanks for playing through! appreciate your kind words 😊
I'll have a new build up in the next couple days with a bunch of new things and some bugs resolved!
Still a lot to do to finish though 😅

https://gyazo.com/445af03f628ff1559dbb013661ff6739 It's still happening.

ah yep working this! i'll update today or tomorrow

no more holes in map ;)

Great! :D

I see that you have updated the game. The only thing I noticed was the removal of the birds and the textures beneath the trees. Why?

I've updated the level generation to mostly use tiles rather than objects, ill have to add some tiles manually under the trees!

Also frogs shouldn't fall though the level any more

I'll take a look at the birds!

While I haven't seen enemies fall directly through the floor, I did see a ton of enemies which spawned inside the walls. Also, maybe this happened before too, but every once in a while I spawned with like three frogs on top of me and immediately got killed. It didn't happen very much, but I though I'd let you know.

the frogs being inside the walls should never happen now! - (i really hope so)

levels have been updated to prevent that instant death situation.. sorry!
back to the grind stone :D

Great! Thanks!

By the way, I got to the top, killing all the adorable animals in the way. When I absorbed the bird's DNA, I sprouted wings and started flying upwards. But then there was nothing there, I just kept going up and up and up into space. I got to 40000 meters high, but there's nothing to do. Is it intentional? If so, please add more stuff to the game, or at least an ending.

cool ! Thanks for playing

Sorry yes there will be stuff to do once you get wings,

I've been working on level stuff for a bit :


Great! Thanks!

I absolutely love it. The evolving mechanic is genius and it's super interesting to figure out what you'll turn into next. Keep doing what you're doing.

This is really cool! Love the way jumping feels.

thanks :D